Choose tube settler for wastewater treatment

PVC tube settler media and PP inclined tube sheet. The hexagonal honeycomb slope tube produced by our company uses EPR copolymer plastic as the material,it was hot drawn into hexagonal tube by a infrared thermal machine,and then using patented technology and high frequency to weld into a whole product,our staff will carry on-site installation for the customer.Inclined tube is mainly used for a variety of precipitation and sand removing.For a decade,it is a water treatment device that's widely used in the drainage works.It has the advantages of being suitable for a wide range,high treatment efficiency,small footprint. PVC lamella sheets, tube settler in wast water treatment application: 1. Retrofit existing clarifiers and sedimentation basins with tube modules to increase settling capacity and increase through put. 2. Provide replacement tube modules for existing installations.Our Environmental designs and builds liquid cleaning and recycling equipment including. 3. Circular Clarifiers. 4. Parallel Plate Settlers. 5. Tube Settlers. 6. Horizontal and Vertical Clarifiers. 7. Air Strippers. 8. API Separators. 9. Oil Recovery Units. 10. Complete Engineered Systems. If you have any questions or interests, pls contact: Whatsapp: +8618932935537


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