PP mist eliminator

Demister (mist eliminator) is mainly composed of corrugated leaves, plates, clamps and other fixtures. In the wet desulfurization, easy to produce particle size of 10 - 60 microns "fog " in the absorption tower operation process ," Fog "not only contains water, but also dissolves sulfuric acid, sulfate, sulfur dioxide and so on, also causes the fan, the heat exchanger and the flue of the tarnished and the serious corrosion, therefore, Fog requirements, the purified gas before leaving the absorption tower to be demist. Demister nozzle is one of the main components of the demisting system. The defogger nozzle is mainly made of high quality plastic with high wear resistance and long service life.

Demister 2

The demister is used to separate the droplets entrained in the gas in the tower so as to ensure the mass transfer efficiency, reduce the valuable material loss and improve the operation of the compressor behind the tower. Generally, demisters are arranged on the top of the tower. Can effectively remove the 3 - 5um droplets, if set up the tower demister, not only to ensure the mass transfer tray efficiency, but also can reduce the board spacing. Therefore, the demister is mainly used for gas-liquid separation. Also for the air filter for gas separation. In addition, the screen can also be used as a variety of instruments in the instrumentation industry buffer to prevent radio interference, such as electronic jammers.


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