MBBR bio filter media introduction

MBBR is the abbreviation of Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor. It is a novel biologically active carrier.

MBBR media adopts scientific formula, depending on the nature of water, blending a variety of beneficial microorganisms grow quickly attached trace elements in polymer materials,through a special process modification, constructed, with more than large surface area,hydrophlic, high biological activity, biofilm fast, good effect, good impact resistance.

MBBR process is a kind of sewage treatment process developed by Kaldnes company and SINTEF research institute, which absorbs the advantages of traditional fluidized bed and biological contact oxidation process, and has good nitrogen and phosphorus removal effect.

At present, the process has been successfully applied in industrial waste water and domestic sewage treatment.

Our MBBR bio filter media's material is HDPE, 100% virgin material.Besides K1, K3, K5 media, we also have other sizes such as PE01(12*9mm), PE02(11*7mm), PE04(16*10mm), PE08(5*10mm) as below shows:

With many production lines, we can deliver our goods in short times and can meet customer's requirements.

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