Spiral Diffuser

Spiral diffuser is a new aeration devices ,in the spiral aeration ,casual flow-flow ,SH-Aerator on the basis of a new type of improved aeration devices ,the product is resistant to corrosion ,Oxygen utilization of high and difficult to plug and easy installation ,and other major features . Spiral diffuser for the use of multi-slice cutting patterns for aeration and oxygenation ,when Francis entered the air-Aerator ,the airflow through the first two spiral cutting system ,cutting into the lower deck of the multi-storey sawtooth-cloth .The first ,multi-cutting ,so that cutbubble bubble ,this has greatly enhanced the utilization of oxygen ,a gas uniform cloth ,and oxygenation efficient characteristics.

Application: A. aeration tank in industrial and urban wastewater treatment plant, which uses blower as air source. B. activated sludge method and contact oxidation method. C. the technology renewal and reconstruction of existing old aerator.

Technology advantages: 1. adopt big holes to exhaust gas and lead flow, use several structures to cut and scatter airflow; its a modern and advanced aeration-diffusion method. 2. the equipment has characteristics of non-blocking and small air resistance, which can keeping producing air bubbles evenly and densely. Compared with micro-pore aerator, its efficiency wont deteriorate gradually. 3. the material adopted wont age easily, guarantee measures are complete, cleaning, replacing and repairing are not needed. 4. resitance loss is small, ?30Pa. 5. aeration device often takes blower running at a low pressure to supply air, the smaller the resistance is, the higher the efficiency will be.


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