Water treatment cubic mesh packing

Cubic mesh packing has the characteristics of spiral mesh, which can make waste water, air and biofilm full mixing contact exchange. Biofilm cannot only balance stayed on the spiral mesh but also can maintain good activity and its pore variability. In the process of waste water running, gas collide with each other and be cut into smaller bubble network, increasing the utilization of oxygen can reduce aeration, while biofilms have good metabolism does not stick together, so it has the characteristics of bubble cutting ability, larger space utilization , no dead zone , etc. It is the current performance indicators of sewage treatment best filler.


1. The cubic mesh packing material is PP, high temperature resistance, acid-resistance

2. Over-all structure, high porosity, high surface area

3. Hanging membrane fast and easily fall off

4. Water flow in three dimension, no blocking, no clump

5. Light weight, not deformed after long using

6. Can be used as cooling tower fill,good heat-transfer, balance the water distribution

Physical characteristics

According to different fiber density, the filler porosity is 95% to 98%, fiber diameter ? 0.8mm ~ ? 1.5mm, fiber density 0.9 ~ 0.92g / cm3. Bulk density with the shape and porosity vary, usually 9 ~ 20kg / m3. High compressive strength of packing, under water treatment conditions are generally not deformed, under the conditions of loading 400kg / m2 compression deformation of not more than 8%, and is elastic deformation. Adapt to the temperature range of 5 ? ~ 40 ?, if the temperature is below 0 ?, the filler becomes more brittle hardness, impact resistance is poor, you must add special additives, it is generally not used in frozen water treatment.

Product Specifications




Density (g / cm3)

Wire diameter?mm? Porosity % Surface area?m2/m3? Compressive strength KPa
500*250 ?1 0.6-1.5 96-99 65-75 3.6-4.0
Good oxid film Anaerobic hanging mold
Influent load KgBOD/m3D Biomass dry (dry weight) kg/m3 Biomass (wet weight) kg/m3 Influent load KgBOD/m3D Biomass dry (dry weight) kg/m3 Biomass (wet weight) kg/m3
0.2-1.2 2.18-2.79 190-360 7.4 0.43 106.7


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